Origo Shares OCUL Services Corporations’ “Big Picture” Approach In New Website

March 3, 2021
OCUL Services Corporation website on laptop

In recent years, Origo Branding has had the pleasure of partnering with the Ohio Credit Union League (OCUL) on their brand and marketing strategies, helping to advance their mission to be a catalyst for credit union success. To help advocate their values of advocacy, collaboration, and support for all credit unions within our state, Origo was honored to develop a new website strategy for a critical division of their organization, the OCUL Services Corporation (OSC). OSC provides consultation and business solutions dedicated to building services that empower credit unions and small businesses. 

Through this team’s efforts, they help partners overcome obstacles and prosper like never before. OSC has a successful track record of helping over 200 businesses to improve their compliance and risk management; generate intuitive digital and member experiences; advance their lending and payment practices; and evolve their human resources efforts.

In past months, the OSC team recognized that their content was hard to find, as it lived within a section of the enterprise site of OCUL within the secondary and third-level pages of the site. This hindered engagement and left an important aspect of the organization overlooked. For this new initiative, Origo’s goal was to bring their mission, vision, and benefits to the forefront by creating a separate site experience for the OSC division, giving them their own identity through a new online presence.

Building a foundation for the new site

In addition to increasing brand recognition, OSC wanted their website to have a seamless user experience that promotes their solutions and consultative services to help them engage with business across the Midwest, leading to new lead generation and relationships for their brand.

To help guide our design and intended user experience, we conducted internal research by auditing their current brand assets and surveying the OSC leadership team. Through these exercises, we knew we wanted to emphasize OSC as a trusted resource, a champion for advancement, and a supportive partner to the credit unions and businesses they serve.

OCUL Services Corporation website on mobile device

Innovating for the bigger picture

Utilizing the key insights gained from our research exercises, our creative team developed three website concepts with unique designs, imagery, and messaging. Ultimately, OSC chose a concept that focused on providing “A Bigger Picture” when helping businesses find the right solutions to fit their specific needs.

This concept showcases OSC as an innovative leader and a genuine partner invested in businesses’ financial and operational success. OSC’s different approach to helping partners define the bigger picture of their business when making strategic plans was a key differentiator. We emphasized how their team of experts focuses on creating connections between businesses and solutions to ensure positive customer experiences through improved efficiencies and reduced costs, empowering companies to grow to their full potential.

OCUL Services Corporation website

The overall design leveraged intuitive and modern design practices while reflecting the Ohio Credit Union League’s umbrella brand, developing a new branded house architecture for the organization and its sub-brands. The site also includes information around the many offerings and services for OSC clients, keeping users engaged through intriguing design features and interactive elements as they browse through the services.

Because the website serves as a resource for all types of businesses, it was important to organize information in a simple and easy-to-navigate way for a positive user experience. The design achieves this with a full sitemap and mega menu navigation system, which allows a user to travel to any part of the site with as few clicks as possible.

Furthermore, OSC prides itself on having a staff of experts who truly care about helping their clients improve their businesses, so it was essential to encourage visitors to reach out to the OSC staff by creating numerous paths for engagements and calls-to-action. For example, the site’s subpages feature a sticky contact module, which fastens to the web browser and follows the user as they scroll on the screen, allowing the visitor to reach out to OSC at any point in their journey. This gives the website a more personalized experience that allows individuals to connect when they are ready to engage in the next phase of their experience with the brand.

OCUL Services Corporation website

Leading the way for long-term growth

With their new website officially launched, OSC is better able to serve and communicate to credit unions, businesses, and trusted partners. This website provides greater visibility to the services and expertise of OSC, helping to make their business solutions more accessible than ever. We were honored to create a new website for the OCUL Services Corporation, as our goal is to set the path for the organization’s future growth and those they serve daily. 

We’re excited to see OSC’s success, as well as the successes we know they will achieve for their partners in the years to come. As for us, we are proud to be a partner to such an inspiring organization and play a small part in helping generate the great things that they are sure to achieve moving forward. Be sure to check out their new website at OCULServicesCorp.com.

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