Origo Helps SWACO “Make a Difference” with Community Impact Report

June 22, 2021
SWACO Community Impact Report on a laptop

Our partner, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO), has made a difference in Franklin County since its establishment in 1989. With the goal of reducing the reliance on landfills, SWACO continuously works to provide the county with recycling resources and drop-off locations, creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly community.

Making a positive impact on our community and the communities we serve has always been at the center of everything we do, so we were excited to work with SWACO on their latest project – creating a traditional and digital 2020 Community Impact Report that would showcase their efforts over the past year.

Showcasing SWACO’s Accomplishments

Even during the pandemic, SWACO was able to make a positive impact on the Central Ohio community. From reducing waste and improving recycling for residents to looking ahead at their long-term goals, it was essential to show the breadth of services and deep impact SWACO has made in Franklin County during the last year.

After careful consideration and collaboration with Origo, SWACO launched the “Making a Difference” campaign to showcase all they accomplished in 2020 and how the community can continue to help make Central Ohio more eco-friendly.

SWACO Community Impact Report on a tablet device

This campaign positions SWACO as a leader dedicated to creating meaningful change in Franklin County. Through programs such as drop-off recycling, campaigns like Save More Than Food, and long-term plans for being a more eco-friendly city, SWACO continuously leads the way in making Franklin County a greener place.

SWACO Community Impact Report collage

“Making a Difference” for Central Ohio

Because of the extensive impact that SWACO made last year, it was important to organize the report in an exciting and easy-to-understand way.

The report starts with a joint letter from the Executive Director and Board Chair of SWACO, highlighting the significant impacts the organization made over the past year, along with various hurdles they worked hard to overcome.  

Readers can learn about the different ways SWACO has been dedicated to a community goal of diverting an additional 25% of materials from the waste stream by 2032. Through investing in the community and providing avenues for the people of Central Ohio to do the same, change is being made every day.

The design of the report was crafted to highlight the measurable difference SWACO has made in Central Ohio.

Each page utilizes different elements, such as interactive modules with icons, bold type, vibrant colors, and even recycled paper textures in the background to tell a story and bring the pages to life.

SWACO Community Impact Report statistic graphic

Creating a Lasting Impact

As SWACO looks towards what’s next, this campaign helps present their many accomplishments in 2020 despite the challenges they faced due to the pandemic. By including all the ways SWACO has made a difference in the last year, it also helps the community learn about programs and services they might not have known about. And with SWACO’s plan for the future, more people can see how this organization will continue to make a difference and think about recycling and reducing their waste.

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