Origo Helps Generation Rx Advance Safe Medication Practices

April 27, 2022
Generation RX

For over 35 years, Origo has been proud to work with organizations pursuing the advancement of health for everyone. One partner who fulfills that mission every day is Generation Rx, a prescription medication education program sponsored by the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and the Cardinal Health Foundation. The program helps increase awareness of the adverse effects misusing medications can have on individuals, animals, and communities, ultimately helping address the opioid epidemic.

Since 2013, we’ve worked with Generation Rx to help build their brand, website, and communication tactics that convey their mission and efforts to the public. Most recently, we helped create a testimonial video, animated PSA video, and print resources that promoted their educational toolkits that serve different populations across the nation. As part of our recent strategies, we helped launch one of the program’s newest initiatives, the Online Ambassadors Training Program, which teaches participants about how to utilize the tools and resources on the site to advocate medication safety principles, prevention best practices, and effective implementation of education programs.

Real Impact From Real Ambassadors

The Online Ambassadors Training Program is a self-paced, online certification course that helps health care providers learn how to utilize and implement safe medication practices in their respective professional communities. In addition, this certification creates more awareness and knowledge of what medication misuse looks like in order to help prevent it.

To highlight the ambassador program’s benefit to the community, we created a testimonial video by working with students, staff, and faculty members at the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and College of Veterinary Medicine. Through powerful testimonial interviews shot on OSU campus, the video effectively emphasized how the Ambassador Program can help health care professionals gain the confidence and skills to be role models of medication safety and make a difference.

Watch the testimonial video below.

Illustrating the Benefits of Generation Rx

While the testimonial video connected to viewers on a more personal and emotional level, we developed an animated PSA video to convey the program benefits for interested participants. By building upon certain design elements previously created by Origo, we created a new video that visually showcased the program, highlighted the mission, and emphasized the impact the training program can make in communities.

Watch the animated video below.

Taking the Message to Vets’ and Doctors’ Offices

The final step in the creative process was to expand Generation Rx’s outreach efforts through print ads and posters. These assets were geared toward pet owners and health care patients, in addition to health care providers. The posters were intended for use in veterinarian and doctor’s offices, conveyed safe medication practices, and provided a call to action to learn more by visiting GenerationRx.org. The posters could also be re-sized for full-page print ads whenever necessary.

Fostering Medication Safety for All

Because of this new library of assets, Generation Rx can continue to promote safe medication practices for life. With the Online Ambassadors Training Program clearly communicated through videos and more, health care providers and individuals can easily learn how they can be a part of making a difference in their communities.

We’re proud to partner with an organization that continuously works to create healthier futures, and we’re excited to see how they continue to expand and impact more people. To learn more about Generation Rx, please visit GenerationRx.org.

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