Eric Witt is Promoted to VP of Operations, Nick Fraunfelter to Accounts Director

January 13, 2023

As Origo launches the new year, we continue to recognize some of the great achievements we have had in recent years that have allowed us to go into 2023 with such great momentum. With new clients, award-winning work, a growing team, and a culture that continues to look more and more like a family, it is hard not to recognize some of the leaders that have helped make this possible.

We are proud to announce two new promotions from within our company, for individuals that continue to evolve how we serve and care for our clients to the best of their abilities, and also nurture the creative and positive spirit of those around them, helping elevate their team members to strive to their fullest potential.

Eric Witt, VP of Operations

Joining the Origo team over five years ago, Eric brought a passion and skill set for growing businesses and providing stability to our team, helping us evolve to the full-service agency we are today. He fosters the philosophies of our leadership team, creates a happy and positive culture, and generates strong efficiencies and management practices. He understands that this is the key for a team to develop exceptional creative and strategic work.

Eric has been critical in serving our growing client base by helping drive new advancements in our areas of human resources, accounting procedures, project management, and overall culture development, ensuring that each member of our team feels they are growing in their personal and professional development, as well as being fulfilled in their work/life balance.

We are proud to announce that Eric Witt has been promoted to VP of Operations, and look forward to seeing how he will continue to help support the growth of our team through his caring and empathetic approach to management.

Nick Fraunfelter MBA, Accounts Director

Nick joined Origo a few years ago as an Account Manager, taking on some of our more complex government and healthcare accounts. While we were confident in Nick’s skills when he came on board, we soon learned of his ambitious approach to creating great work, all from a philosophy of strategic thinking and exceptional project management.

Rising to Sr. Account Manager, we saw more of Nick’s nurturing side, demonstrating great care and mentorship for his teammates, leading to great results, especially on accounts that dealt with sensitive and critical missions. Among his work, Nick led accounts for the State of Ohio’s opiate abuse prevention campaign, Take Charge Ohio, and other initiatives around child abuse prevention, elder abuse, and workforce development.

To recognize his heightened responsibilities and evolution of skill sets, we are proud to announce that Nick Fraunfelter is our newest Accounts Director for our team. We are excited to see how he will continue to produce exceptional results for our clients and partners.