Columbia Gas of Ohio New Brand Strategy & Brand Guidelines

Columbia Gas of Ohio New Brand Strategy & Brand Guidelines - Columbia Gas of Ohio

Origo helped develop a new brand strategy for Columbia Gas of Ohio, establishing a consistent approach to communicate the value propositions for the organization, as well as segment its different energy efficiency programs and philanthropic initiatives, all with the goal to position the entity as a leading champion and resource for its community by generating positive perceptions and brand equity around its different initiatives to advance the well-being of others.

Services Provided
  • Marketing Research & Testing
  • Brand Strategy & Concepts
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Collateral & Branded Materials
  • Internal Communication Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Environmental
  • Print Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Educational Campaigns & Tactics

To help identify insights for the brand of Columbia Gas of Ohio (A NiSource Company), Origo conducted surveys amongst the general public and internal stakeholders, as well as held strategic discussions amongst the different leadership teams of the organization, helping to better inform the brand’s future marketing and communication strategies.

Using the findings, Origo outlined a new brand architecture, creating a new design, messaging, and color segmentation system for its different segments of energy efficiency programs and its philanthropic division, Columbia Cares. FurthermoreOrigo developed conceptual approaches for the new brand strategy of Columbia Gas of Ohio, outlining how it can re-introduce its mission to the community, as well as communicate the benefits and impact of its different energy efficiency programs and philanthropic efforts.

After testing the brand concepts, Origo developed a new Brand Guideline, including design templates, messaging systems, and visual applications for different marketing initiatives of the company, including how different colors and messaging systems would change for different business segments.

With the goal to increase its consumer visibility efforts via marketing, social media, community relations, and corporate citizenship, Origo was able to successfully create a new brand strategy to establish a consistent and recognizable approach for the brand of the organization and its different divisions of business, helping them to better market their energy efficiency programs, as well as its philanthropic initiatives within the community, generating positive perceptions within the region.

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