Origo partnered with Abbott Nutrition to create a new approach to Glucerna Triple Care’s iPad detail aid, educating physicians about the positive role Glucerna has in a comprehensive diabetes management plan.


  • Utilizing the research and strategic documents provided by the client, Origo created a new sales strategy and campaign for Glucerna’s international business, which included a new approach to the iPad detail aid clinicians can use to learn about Glucerna’s comprehensive diabetes management plan and benefits.
  • Origo designed a navigational strategy that showed how a user can experience and navigate through different content and sections of the iPad aid, demonstrating the value and benefits of the products.
  • Once developed, Origo applied the creative to an iPad application, giving a tool to Glucerna’s international sales force to explain to healthcare professionals the benefits of adding Glucerna to patients’ diabetes management plans.


  • The new campaign successfully showed the frustration and depression a person with diabetes experiences on their patient journey, as well as how Glucerna can help add “color” back into a patient’s life.
  • As an international program for the brand, Origo developed the iPad aid to have customized content and creative to allow different geographies to localize imagery and messaging. The iPad aid was implemented with interactive features and functionality, crafting a unique experience for users, including a decision tree quiz, pop-up windows, etc.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Messaging
  • Interactive
  • Architecture and Navigation Strategy

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