To tell the brand story of the FLEX Literacy curriculum, we highlighted how McGraw-Hill understands the everyday challenges of educators working to help students who may be falling behind in the classroom.


  • To help differentiate FLEX Literacy from its competitors, Origo created a new video to engage educators on a more emotional level, reflecting the passion and urgency that McGraw-Hill shares with educators to help make a change in the learning of at-risk students.
  • Origo conducted the scripting, concerting, production, and editing to create the video that allows the McGaw-Hill team to promote the product through different channels, including social media strategies, website placements, email blasts, sales meetings, and trade show conferences.


  • To help capture the passion and understanding that McGraw-Hill shares with educators, Origo produced a spot titled “The Ones That Keep You Up At Night,” an emotional video that highlights the everyday challenges of educators while capturing the importance of childhood literacy.
  • The video serves as a powerful sales and marketing tool to generate leads for the organization, promoting FLEX Literacy as a product that understands the needs of at-risk students and helps children to catch up to their peers’ level of understanding in their reading curriculum.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Storyboarding
  • Messaging
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics

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