MD|DC Credit Union Association New Website Strategy

MD|DC Credit Union Association New Website Strategy - MD|DC Credit Union Association

The MD|DC Credit Union Association is a leading advocacy and education association for credit unions in the Maryland and Washington, D.C., areas. They advocate for policies that enable credit unions to meet their shared goal of a brighter financial future for all and provide resources that help credit unions and their employees thrive and grow. 

The organization defined a need to update their web presence and partnered with Origo to develop a site that featured more engaging content for the Association’s audience, a clean and organized presentation of critical information, and new ways to showcase the Association’s recent growth and progress.

Services Provided
  • Photo Production & Editing
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Strategy
  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Video Production & Editing

Origo began with a new visual approach and content strategy that streamlined and refreshed the MD|DC Credit Union Association’s online brand. The strategy reflected the organization’s longstanding position as a unique partner that advocates fiercely for its member credit unions and highlights the people who make MD|DC Credit Union Association a special partner.

The MD|DC’s website hosts a wide range of information about member benefits and resources that must be easily accessible. As such, the new web strategy consists of a streamlined site structure, content layout, and visual design to help users easily and quickly navigate to the resources they need while highlighting MD|DC’s unique approach to member-focused advocacy. The new strategy, entitled Your Partner. Your Advocate. Your Association., was selected during collaborative concepting with the Origo and MD|DC teams. 

Next, Origo’s in-house development team began the design and development of the website, creating a custom look and feel based on the new branding strategy, including an engaging full-page video banner to welcome visitors to the home page. The site is fully responsive on desktop and mobile devices and easily customizable, so the MD|DC team can continue to update content as their priorities shift and expand.

The site’s visual design and color scheme were inspired by the way MD|DC operates — they’re friendly, supportive, and helpful, which Origo helped communicate by using bright primary colors. Origo’s goal was to reflect the spirit of the MD|DC with human-focused imagery and videos of actual employees and leadership to showcase the many ways they contribute to their industry.  

To create these visuals, an Origo team traveled to Washington, D.C., to capture video and photography at a conference hosted by the organization. This candid, human-centered imagery sets MD|DC up as a collaborative partner who understands and advocates for its members.

Origo brought the MD|DC Credit Union Association’s story to life on their new website through people-centered storytelling, simplified color choices, and an easy-to-navigate web design. The site is more accessible to the MD|DC team, Association members, and the general public. 

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