Mettler Toledo asked Origo to develop a demonstration video for their POWERCELL® weighing technology, outlining the competitive advantages and benefits of digital products versus analog products.


  • Origo created a motion graphics video featuring three areas of focus that promote the ability to streamline an industrial production operation with the POWERCELL weighing technology.
  • To do so, Origo crafted storyboards and scripts to illustrate the value of a total POWERCELL solution within a customer’s worksite, including on the main floor using floor scales and weigh modules, as well as outside using a truck scale.
  • Origo conducted 3D modeling, animation, and audio design to help create a tool that could be implemented in the sales, marketing, and digital strategies of the company to help promote this new innovative offering.


  • Collaborating with the Mettler Toledo team, Origo was able to create a successful marketing tool for their sales initiatives, integrating it into their direct marketing, trade show, personal selling, and online promotional strategies.
  • Utilizing After Effects and Cinema4D, Origo conducted 3D modeling and animation to create a stylistic approach to the video that emphasized the innovation and scientific processes of the POWERCELL weighing technology, further highlighting the competitive advantages of the product line.


  • 3D Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Video
  • Messaging & Storyboards
  • Marketing Strategy

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