Mitigare® Brand 
& Sales Strategy

Mitigare® Brand 
& Sales Strategy - Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Hikma strives to put better health within reach, every day. They do so by creating high-quality medicines and making them accessible to the people who need them, helping to shape a healthier world that enriches all our communities. Origo recently partnered with Hikma to create a new brand and sales strategy for one of their leading products, Mitigare®, which can treat and prevent gout attacks. Through this initiative, Origo helped to further the brand’s position as a leader for gout flare prevention, creating a new approach to communicate its competitive advantages over other products when producing positive outcomes.

Services Provided
  • Marketing Research & Testing
  • Brand Strategy & Concepts
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Messaging Strategy & Guidelines
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Collateral & Branded Materials
  • Sales Strategy
  • Direct Marketing
  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Tradeshow Design & Strategy

Origo coordinated working meetings to audit the current brand assets of Mitigate®, including previous marketing tactics and research conducted by the Hikma brand team. Origo also conducted phone interviews with healthcare professionals, as well as coordinated a survey amongst sales representatives to gauge effectiveness of current messaging and claims.

Utilizing the findings from the research and consultation phase, Origo created new concepts for the upcoming brand and campaign strategy for Mitigare®, which were then tested amongst stakeholder groups. This led to the campaign strategy, titled Care Comes In A Capsule, which included new brand positioning, key messages, and visual approaches to upcoming communication initiatives.

Once the Mitigare® brand strategy was tested and approved, Origo applied the new creative approach to a new core visual aid and other marketing tactics. By applying the new brand strategy to a core visual aid and other communication tactics, the company was able to reintroduce and further the position of Mitigare® as a leading affordable option for gout flare prevention in appropriate adult patients.

From our efforts, the new brand strategy of Care Comes In A Capsule was launched successfully at the National Sales Meeting of Hikma, helping the sales team generate greater brand awareness for the product benefit. This helped to further differentiate the brand within the market, giving greater confidence to health professionals when recommending Mitigare® to prevent gout flares.

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