Origo partnered with the Ohio Credit Union League to help reposition and rebrand the organization to reflect its progressiveness, collaborative leadership, and unwavering advocacy.


  • To better understand the legacy of the League, the state trade association for all Ohio credit unions, and its goals for the future, Origo partnered with internal marketing team members to conduct research and analysis, including a brand audit and stakeholder surveys.
  • Drawing on our research findings, we created a new brand strategy, providing a more unified visual identity and messaging system.
  • As part of our exploration, we conceptualized various visual identities and taglines that aligned to the new brand strategy, ultimately recommending the new kite-inspired logo and “Moving Forward Together” tagline. Both of these brand elements readily communicate growth, unity, and progressiveness, key characteristics of the League and benefits to its members.


  • To ensure the new brand strategy was accessible to and supported by all Ohio Credit Union League team members, Origo created a brand map, brand architecture, brand guidelines, and a marketing toolkit—each designed to help them learn, live, and launch the brand.
  • In addition to providing materials and guidance for the external brand launch, we created presentation decks and email messages to aid in the League’s internal brand launch.
  • The Ohio Credit Union League recently launched its new brand and communication strategy, which was met with a successful response from its target audiences, helping the League prepare and position itself for continued growth and greater long-term prosperity with the members and communities it serves.


  • Research & Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Messaging
  • Brand Guidelines

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