QCP New Brand & Website Strategy

QCP New Brand & Website Strategy - Quality Care Partners

Since 1994, Quality Care Partners (QCP) has served as a provider network and medical management services company. Looking to the company’s next chapter of growth, QCP partnered with Origo to better connect with its various audiences and enhance its brand identity, communications, and marketing strategies to clearly and concisely explain its value.

Services Provided
  • Marketing Research & Testing
  • Brand Strategy & Concepts
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branded Campaign Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Collateral & Branded Materials
  • Internal Communication Strategy
  • Marketing
  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO & Web Audits
  • Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Print Advertising
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Tradeshow Design & Strategy

Origo Branding started by auditing QCP’s current communication materials and conducting research that helped guide recommendations for the rebrand of its marketing strategies. In addition, the brand identity, logo, marketing assets, online presence, digital initiatives, and social media platforms were all evaluated to see how a new design and storytelling strategy could improve the communication approach of these entities. 

After undergoing a research and analysis phase, Origo identified the market barriers and communication challenges for QCP and developed a new brand identity for the company that included a new logo, color palette, main positioning strategy, and messaging guidelines.

From there, Origo applied the new brand identity, messaging systems, creative strategies, marketing tactics, online presence, and digital initiatives of QCP. These tactics helped increase awareness of QCP’s value proposition and generate new relationship opportunities for the organization.

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To introduce the new brand strategy, Origo helped to craft a comprehensive launch strategy, which included a new website design, sales aids, social media strategy, PPT template, and print and digital ads. 

Through these strategies, QCP was able to reintroduce itself to its target audiences and engage current and potential customers in new ways, increasing new business leads and overall awareness.

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