Origo helped the Lindy Infante Foundation create a new brand and website strategy, helping them advance their mission of providing financial support to help advance youth participation in school sports.


  • To kick off the discovery phase, Origo coordinated working meetings and a survey with the key stakeholders of the Lindy Infante Foundation to guide the evolution of the brand strategy for the Foundation, helping us create a new logo identity, messaging system, and visual approach to their storytelling tactics that position their group as a leader in advancing sports participation for children of need.
  • Once the Foundation’s new brand strategy was approved, Origo applied the new creative approach to collateral materials and a marketing toolkit, as well as created a new website strategy to act as a powerful online marketing tool with a more user-friendly experience through responsive design, innovative features, and an updated presentation of the Foundation’s mission, programs, partnership opportunities, success stories, and impact within the community.


  • To introduce the new brand strategy and website, Origo crafted new digital tactics, such as a content marketing strategy and social media plan, to help the Lindy Infante Foundation promote their new story to current and potential partners, driving users to their website and social media pages through methods of sharing, messaging, hashtags, and e-blast strategies.
  • The brand was successfully launched at their annual fundraiser, for which Origo helped create the event marketing materials and invites, as well as coordinate social media efforts to promote the keynote speaker, Pittsburgh Steelers’ past coach Bill Cowher, who helped introduce the next chapter of the organization and engage new support from across the community.


  • Research & Analysis
  • Branding Strategy & Design
  • Logo Design
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Collateral Materials
  • Copywriting
  • Content & Messaging Strategy
  • Web Strategy & Development
  • Content Management System (WordPress)
  • Digital Advertising
  • E-Blast Campaigns
  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Advertising

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