Sep 07, 2022

A History Of Partnership

Origo is highly accomplished and passionate about working with the B2B industry. One of our partners that we have been honored to work with in this space has been M+A Architects, an industry leader in architecture and design. We were excited when the firm asked us to help create a new website strategy as it embarked on a journey to launch the new brand of MA Design.

Our Objectives

MA Design comprises 130 dedicated and award-winning design professionals and licensed architects, over 40 years in business, and countless lives touched by its innovation. The firm recently revisioned its brand with a new name and refreshed company vision to reflect its wide array of services and expertise. With our vast experience in web design and our past partnership in creating other communication initiatives for MA Design, such as its award-winning intranet, Origo was the perfect match when asked to revamp its online presence to help launch the new brand.  

Starting With Research

For this undertaking, Origo’s process started with extensive consultation and in-depth research. From there, our in-house graphic design, copywriting, UX/UI, and development services helped craft an effective and visionary new site.

Intuitive Design

After thoughtful strategy and research, Origo learned that MA Design felt the website and user experience could better represent the company’s new value proposition, demonstrating the evolution and growth the firm has achieved over the years.

Therefore, we identified key ways to streamline the user experience and navigation and reflect the organization’s new vision to differentiate it from competitors.

From there, Origo’s creative team got to work producing conceptual directions for the website.

Improved Experience

With a selected conceptual approach, we knew that the user experience and desktop-to-moble compatibility would be critical. So we focused our design efforts on a user-first strategy that created an effective web experience for future site visitors on both desktops and mobile devices.  

The site included user-friendly design features and a distinct visual style matching MA’s bold new brand identity.

The site also had a dedicated space for storytelling and portfolio projects with a striking color pallet that emphasized modernity and innovation. 

Looking Ahead

With a clear web strategy, strong UX/UI, bold design, and compelling storytelling, MA Design now has a site that matches its re-envisioned brand and expanded design services. This new site helps communicate to new and potential clients and inspires them to engage with MA Design and its broadened expertise.

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